Discover our menu full of flavors of Canarian gastronomy, with products from our garden and local producers. To share, enjoy and remember.
Mix of scalded gofio (toasted corn and wheat flour)


Ropa vieja

Ropa vieja - Baby Pedrosillano Chick peas with peppers and cod bits

Chocolate mousse

Homemade chocolate mousse
To get started
*Foie micuit casero, Terrina o Paté

We serve it accompanied by tomato Chutney, all homemade.

Jamón ibérico de bellota

Cured ham – D.O.P. Dehesa de Extremadura・22 / 14

Tabla de queso reserva

Cured cheese – D.O.P. Queso Zamorano・8.75

Queso Frito
(milk, sulfites)

Pan fried cheese with three sauces sweet red chilli, coriander
mojo and sugar cane honey・9.9

*Croquetas del día

Croquettes of the day – Find out which one we have today・9

(fish, gluten, celery)

A flavourful mix of scalded gofio (toasted corn and
wheat flour) in fish stock with a dazzle of coriander
sauce and red onion wedges・6.9

Huevos al estampido

Fried eggs and chips, bashed and crashed with chorizo・9.95

Ensaladilla de bacalao
(fish, soy, egg, sulfites)

Potatoe salad with salted cod bits・8

Pastel de Setas
(milk, mustard, egg)

Mushroom terrine coated with a delicate cream of mustard and Parmesan cheese sauce and also a touch of Iberico Ham・13.9

Ensalada de queso y tomate
(milk, sulfites)

Fresh goat cheese and tomato salad with garlic and oregano. Mmmmm!・9.75

Ensalada de aguacate y bacon

Green shoots with avocado and bacon・9.75

Pimientos de Padrón

Do you dare? Hopefully you will find one that will start your fire・8.5

In Spoonfuls
*Sopa del día

Soup of the day

Garbanzas con tropezones

Creamy chickpeas, served with pork bits, trotters, snout, chorizo…・8

Ropa vieja
(fish, celery, sulfites)

Baby Pedrosillano Chick peas with sautéed peppers and salted cod bits・10.25

From the sea
Gambas al ajillo

How tasty are they! Prawns in garlic oil with a little chilli・13

(fish, sulphites)

Salted Cod bits on Sweet potatoe beds with coriander
and sweet red chilli sauce・11

Calamares fritos a la andaluza
(gluten, shellfish)

Andalucian style fried wild squid・15

Morcilla dulce
(gluten, nuts)

Artisan sweet black pudding with almonds and raisins・8.25

Carne Fiesta Ibérica
(gluten, sulfites)

Fried spicy marinated ibérico pork with hand cut fries・15.25

(gluten, sulfites)

Guinea Fowl in a salmorejo sauce (red wine, garlic, oregano…)・12.5

Parrillada de pollo de corral

Grilled and diced free range chicken
with hand cut fries・12.5

Parrillada de solomillo

Grilled and diced fillet steak with hand cut fries・21

Lomo Alto

Uruguayan Angus Rib Eye steak served with hand cut fries, mixed green salad with red onion・22

Tres leches
(milk, gluten, egg)

A cream-soaking sponge cake with merangue  Delicious!・5

Delicia de café
(milk, gluten, egg, nuts)

Made for coffee lovers・5

Mousse de chocolate
(milk, nuts, egg)

Chocolate mousse – Try it, because you melt when you taste it・4.75

Panna cotta
(milk, nuts, sulphites)

Typical dessert of the Italian region of Piedmont・4.75

(milk, egg)

Crème caramel – In Tenerife, flan can never be absent・4

*Helados artesanales

Homemade ice creams – As homemade as it gets done by Aouda herself, mother of the Torres brothers ・4,6

Sweet wines

Pedro Ximénez / 75cl. 18 / 2.1


Manzanilla Maruja / 75cl. 18 / 2.5


Bermejo Malvasia / 75cl. 24 / 4

Soft Drinks・2
Peach Juice・2
Vichy Catalan2.5
Macchiato condensed milk1.5
Barraquito, Large Macchiato condensed milk1.8
White coffe1.8
Zaperocco, Macchiato & liqueur・2
Carajillo, Coffe & liqueur・2
Beers Dorada
Beer Dorada Tenerife
Half pint  25cl・1.8
Pint 40cl・2.7
Selección de Trigo – wheat 33cl・1.8
Esencia Negra – ale 33cl・1.8
Roja Doble Malta – double malt 33cl・1.8
Alcohol-free 33cl・1.8
Alcohol-free with natural lemon 25cl・1.8
Pilsen 25cl – gluten free・1.6

D.O. Galicia

Vermú St. Petroni White・3.50
Vermú St. Petroni Red・3.50


D.O. Conca del Riu Anoia

De la Finca, Raventós i Blanc・28.00
De Nit Rosé, Raventós i Blanc・28.00

D.O.P. Islas Canarias

Paisaje de las Islas Reserva・22.00

White wines

Family winery TENERIFE

Terral 205, sweet・14.75 / 3
Terral 205, dry・14.75 / 3
Terral 205, 3 month・16 / 3.5

D.O. Abona

Frontos ecological・17




Comenge Verdejo・15

D.O. Valle de Güímar


D.O. Ycoden Daute Isora

Viñátigo Marmajuelo・17.5


D.O. Valle de La Orotava

Tajinaste・ 15

D.O. Ycoden Daute Isora


Red Wines

Family winery TENERIFE

Terral 205, young・14.75 / 3
Terral 205, 4 month・17 / 3.2
Terral 205, 8 month・18.5 / 3.5

D.O.P. Islas Canarias

Hollera, carbonic maceration・14
Monje, young・14 / 8
Tajinaste Roble・19

D.O. Tacoronte Acentejo

Viña Norte, carbonic maceration・15

D.O. Valle de La Orotava

Arautava Barrica16
Suertes del Marqués La Solana17

D.O. Toro


D.O. Cariñena

Care Roble14 / Magnum21

V.T. Extremadura

Habla del Silencio17.5

D.O. Somontano


D.O. Ribera del Duero

Canta Perdices, roble16
La Planta, roble16
Finca Resalso, roble17.5
Carmelo Rodero, roble18
La Capilla, crianza27.5
Emilio Moro, crianza34
Matarromera, crianza30
Carmelo Rodero, crianza34
La Capilla Vendimia Seleccionada45.25
Pago de Valtarreña, crianza76

D.O. Vino de la Tierra de Castilla

La Capilla, merlot23.6

D.O. La Rioja

Azpilicueta, crianza16 / 8.5
Pergamino, crianza16
Muga, crianza34
Artuke – Finca de los Locos, crianza28
Viña Ardanza, crianza38

Cask Wine

White & Red Terral 205

(1L) 8.50 / 1.75 / 1.10

Corkage / 7€

7% tax not included

If you have any allergies, ask the waiter.